what's a contributor story?

Contributor Stories are articles written by members of our community. Contributor Stories range from relatable personal experiences with health/illness to responses to current events, self-care tips, and so much more!

submission guidelines

We have a set of guidelines that we require all contributors to follow. These guidelines are in place to ensure a consistent and high-quality content standard. Here are the contributor guidelines:

original content

Submit only the original content that you have created. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.


Ensure that your content is informative, well-researched, and provides value to our readers. Use reliable sources and cite them appropriately.


Aim for a minimum word count of 500, but don't exceed 1500 words unless necessary. Keep your content concise and to the point.


We love to see original photos with your submissions. Make sure your photo is big enough (at least 1280 px width x 800 px height) and has been taken by you or with your permission. Check for copyright restrictions and use royalty-free photos whenever possible.


Please cite your source whenever you use a statistic or fact in your story. We may be unable to include your story or statistic if you don’t.


Remember that you are speaking from your own experience and that everyone's experience with their health condition is different.


We welcome both person-first language and identity-first language. We understand that everyone experiences health conditions and disabilities differently, so we ask that you respect our contributors' right to self-identify.


We encourage our contributors to end their stories with some sort of message or takeaway for the community.


Be sensitive to the privacy of loved ones, friends, and strangers mentioned in your story.


We encourage writers of all backgrounds and identities to consider how their intersections affect their experience with a condition or disability.

important notes:

We're happy to consider any story you'd like to submit.  Before submitting your story, please read our submission guidelines .  Our guidelines will help you avoid common mistakes and ensure that your story is more likely to be accepted for publication.  Unless you've written about a timely topic or current event, it often takes a month or longer for a Contributor Story to be published.

If your story is chosen to be published, it will be reviewed and edited for clarity.

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